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T9 R9 WELS. Located in the North Maine Woods, a vast area of over 3.5 million acres of wilderness crisscrossed by logging roads, sits a 1,200 acre sugarbush and an exceptional modern commercial maple syrup operation that’s looking for a new sugarmaker!

For 25+ years, Munsungan Maple Products has been producing maple syrup on this plot of land off the Pinkham Road. Nestled between Willard Mountain and Norway Bluff, it just may be one of the most remote sugaring operations in the country! While there is year round access to the operation, and it's only about 10 miles to the Pingree Camps, it’s still about 40-50 miles of gravel roads away from the nearest town, paved road, telephone pole, or gas station! 

The land is owned by Pingree Associates, Inc., and is leased in four year terms with a minimum annual rental rate of $1,500.00. Rent per tap hole is:  

2021 65 cents per tap hole;

2022 70 cents per tap hole;

2023 75 cents per tap hole;

2024 75 cents per tap hole; and

2025 80 cents per tap hole

As it stands now, there are 16,000 taps that are spread out over 600 acres, leaving an additional 600 acres untapped. Those 600 acres are prime acres, too, with high concentrations of mature sugar maples occupying ridged terrain. All told, total taps estimated for this property could be around 60,000 if the entire 1,200 acre plot were in maximum use. With well-developed internal roads and trails throughout, the entire bush is accessible and ready to be worked. Additionally, there are multiple water sources, amounting to approximately 40,000’ of water frontage, in this bush which add significant value and convenience to the operation. 

Since Munsungan Maple Products began working this bush, they have produced between 1,800-3,500 gallons of syrup annually. While this sugarbush is naturally well-positioned to produce high yields, these yields are also the result of a quarter-century’s worth of thorough sugarbush management. The current sugarmakers have focused hardily on stand selection, stand improvement, abiotic disturbances, pests, diseases, etc. and it shows. They have also upheld sustainable tapping methods with only one tap per tree over 10 inches dbh and two taps per tree over 24 inches dbh. There is no doubt that the current sugarmakers have done right by this sugarbush and have laid the foundation for long-term production potential, and an economically viable operation.

This property comes with all the equipment needed to continue running the operation including all existing taps, tubing, collection bins, an oil fired evaporator, generators, etc. It also comes with a 20 x 24 two-story sugar house that includes a functional kitchen, living room, and an upstairs bunk room for convenient, comfortable living while the sap is flowing. A detailed list of all equipment/buildings to be included in the sale of this operation is available upon request.  This is a turnkey outfit -- well equipped and ready to start production when the season comes! 

Whether you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to dive into Maine’s profitable maple sugaring industry, or you’re looking to expand your current operation to the next level, this sugarbush and its modern operation won’t disappoint. Don’t wait for the sap to start flowing before you check out this ‘sweet’ deal!  

  • 1200 acre sugarbush

  • 1800-3500 gal syrup production

  • comes with equipment

  • 40,000± waterfront

  • 16000 taps

  • Year round access

  • Hunting

  • Mountain Property
  • Recreational Property
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  • Hunting
  • Street Address: 0 Munsungan Maple Road
  • City: Allagash
  • State: Maine
  • Postal Code: 04406
  • County: Piscataquis
  • County: United States