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295 Green Ridge Rd, Ferguson, North Carolina 28624
Jeff Davis

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Jeff Davis
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"Many Waters Forest"

Price based on most recent 2015 Appraisal: MOTIVATED SELLER!!!

The LAST significant private holding and the largest parcel of
land in the Northwestern Mountains of North Carolina the
NINTH most populated state in the United States. Located less
than 15 minutes from Boone, NC the vibrant hub of the High
Country and less than 5 minutes from the Blue Ridge
Parkway. From the North boundary of this property it is only
ONE mile to a four-lane highway for easy access to
Wilkesboro, NC and all the desirable locations of the High
Country and the Yadkin Valley. Some of the desirable

characteristics of this property include:

- 2,500 acres of mature forest and gently rolling meadows
- More than 10 miles of streams with many of these miles
being excellent trout water
- Many SIGNIFICANT Natural Water Features which
include a lake, streams with multiple cascades, and
waterfalls that fall from 50 feet to 180 feet
- Many miles of mountain top with panoramic views
- Significant historical points of reference are plentiful
- Merchantable timber valued at in excess of $4M
- Easy access into the property at three different locations from State Maintained roadways.
This is a property considered for purchase by many different entities. The State of NC has demonstrated a continuing interest to acquire it to be the last LARGE State PARK in this area of the State.

After many decades of sustained growth, North Carolina is
now ranked as the SEVENTH state in the United States in its
rate of population growth. The land demand created by
population increases combined with the very limited amount of
undeveloped land remaining in this area assures a wide variety
of land use options which can create multiple exit strategies.
The County land use regulations are encouraging for
ownership because of the many land use options permitted by
the County with no zoning and very reasonable subdivision


The VALUE of this property as presented in its most recently
completed appraisal (available upon request) dated June of
2015 is $15,000.00 per acre. This amount is 30% below the
value of the property prior to the recession with current
market conditions now showing upward pressure on its value.
Every statewide indicator is reflecting a strong positive
influence on housing and real estate values in general.
An option would be to purchase this property in combination
with the purchase of another property owned by the same
owners located near SNOWSHOE SKI RESORT in West
Virginia and by purchasing both of these tracts (MANY
significant reduction in price is possible.

Identified as the area having the highest averaged elevation in
the Eastern part of the United States the “High Country” of
Northwestern North Carolina is the home both to the oldest
mountain and the place of origin of the second oldest river on
Earth. Grandfather Mountain designated by the United
Nations as an International Biosphere and the New River
second in age only to the Nile River are both located a short
drive West of the Many Waters Forest property.
The altitude, latitude, and topographic makeup of this
property combine to provide it four equal seasons. Many
consider the seasonal temperature ranges here to be the best
you can find. Spring and Fall are warmer in the higher
elevations of the property than in the surrounding valley
locations resulting in a longer growing season due to the
greater number of frost-free days. The Summer is comfortable
enough for most people without requiring air conditioning and
the Winter has typically no more than a few days of snow. All
of these factors combine to provide what many believe to be
the best year-round living location in the Eastern United


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  • Street Address: 295 Green Ridge Rd
  • City: Ferguson
  • State: North Carolina
  • Postal Code: 28624
  • County: Watauga
  • County: United States